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Price 185 eur

Photographers Cat Yde own 100% of the rights to the image material.
Customers have the right to use the image material. Third parties have no right of use. Images can not be edited by anyone other than Photographer Cat Yde.

After payment, the stock-photo can be downloaded.
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

-These terms and conditions apply to any offers, sales and deliveries for Photographer Cat Yde stock-photos, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

-Stock-photos sold by Photographer Cat Yde remain the property of Photographer Cat Yde. Client only have the right to use a photo.

-Stock-photos purchased from Photographer Cat & Yde can be used by the purchaser both on the internet and printed.

-If the purchaser wish exclusive rights to one or more of photos from Photographer Cat Yde stock list, the purchaser must contact Cat Yde for a price.

-Photos from Cat Yde stock list may only be used in legal and inoffensive contexts and may not be used in political or religious propaganda without prior agreement.